Canada! – Week 32

October 18th. Wednesday

I went to Canada! It was a weird and wonderful thing. A few friends and I decided to get off campus over a long weekend, and it was such a good decision. I keep forgetting how much school sucks you in. Being away has reminded me how much it’s necessary to be away.

We were in Montreal, and since school in VT is so small, we spent a lot of time just walking around the city. I’ve never been to a place with so much art. Literally every block had a mural on the side of a building, else on the sidewalk or storefront. It was so refreshing after only having spent time in cities dipped in dull tones of brick red or concrete grey. Montreal also seemed a lot friendlier than Chicago or Boston or New York. It was intimidating, navigating a city where English is somewhat of a noob language. They all know it, but they’ll still judge you for now speaking French.

Getting away from work and people at school was so good for me mentally. For a good four days, I only had to focus on eating, sleeping, and looking for fun things to do. I always forget how important it is to leave your normal life for a while and chill out. I forget to make my world a bit bigger than my routine.

I got some bumps on my right cheek. Not pimples, that I can tell so far. I’ll keep an eye on them and let you know.

I also got something that more resembled a pimple on my left cheek. It was just a little old thang, but I scratched it a tiny bit and it bled. My intuition is that it shouldn’t have been there 7 months in.

I almost lost my medicine case today. I usually punch out all of my pills from their packages and put them in a pill box. I misplaced the box today, and for a few minutes, there was hope. How glorious it would be to just stop taking Accutane right now. All of a sudden like. I’m getting so close.

So close.