5th Check-in – Week 29

September 28th. Thursday

Last check-in. I’m sure. I think. I went in, hoping that the dermatologist would say I didn’t need to do this last month. I’m at 133mg/kg, which is in the 120-150mg/kg remission target area. I told her that the dermatologist at home said I should go another month, a month without any breakouts, and this one liked the idea. At that point, I thought, I’m already in the target area, she’ll give me something like 20mg/day. Instead, I’m still at 80mg/day. By the end of this month, I’ll have ingested 10,800 milligrams of Accutane. This’ll put me at 171mg/kg. I better frickin be done by then. I have no intention of continuing after this month. Whether I get a breakout or not. It will have been seven and a half months.

I asked her about the peeing. She said it was fine.

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