Numbers – Week 28

September 26th. Tuesday

Some quick math:

This is my fifth prescription. I’ve had two months of 40mg/day, two of 60mg/day, and by October, I’ll be done with a month of 80mg/day.

The first two months put me at a total of 2,400mg (40mg/day x 30 days x 2 months) of Isotretinoin in my juices, after the second two, I was at 6,000mg, and after this month’s prescription, I’ll be at 8,400mg. The remission target is 120-150mg/kg. I’m around 63 kg, which means I’ll be at 133mg/kg by the end of September.

That’s honestly enough…

I thought I wanted to go another month. Just to be totally sure. But I’m not sure if I want to anymore. I haven’t had a major breakout in a while.

Maybe I could just go for a really low dosage?

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