Closer – Week 26

September 7th

I scheduled my next check-in today. My last check-in was on August 15th, which means that I should be seeing the dermatologist next week. But they’re first opening was the 28th. What did I expect?

So I have to ration again. I’m basically back to 40mg/day now. Which is fine; it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to consume isotretinoin as long as you hit your kg/mg target. But every late appointment is more time on this stuff for me. Since I’m taking another prescription after this, I’m looking at 7.5 months. I’ll be clean in November, or whenever the drug leaves my system. Not soon enough tho. March 14th wouldn’t have been soon enough.

My back looks better. It’s just scars left now. There are a few red boys here and there but they’re on their way out. I’m on my way. My nose still has these nodule type things that haven’t seemed to care how much Accutane is being pumped through my veins. Still going strong. Also, my face still rivals a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish when it comes to flakiness. But then again, what doesn’t? My lips are as unhappy as usually. I hope they don’t continue to produce skin as fast as they are now. That would be bad for my nonexistent love life.

Things are going though. It’s honestly a bit domestic now. Aside from the regression panic.

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