Roaming – Week 23

August 20th. Sunday

I picked up my new prescription today. I shortly after realized that my prescription for 80mg/day (two 40mg pills) is a different brand than all of my previous prescriptions. Before I was on Claravis and now I’m taking Amnesteen. I don’t know how much of a difference this will make. I imagine none. I fear it’ll make things worse. I hope it’ll be tamer than my previous prescriptions.

Today was wonderful though. RA training begins tomorrow, so I had all of today to put some finishing touches on my room and break it in. There were also a lot of other people hanging around; there’s this program at school where all new students go camping for a week before the term starts, and it’s led by returning students. A lot of those leaders are friends, and I got to hang out with them. The camping trips started today, and I tagged along/ferried supplies for a trip led by said friends in the evening. They had an awesome batch of new students, and spending time in that fledgling community was really cool.

Also, an international student I’m friends with was visiting/on the trip, and I got to hang out with her. A lot of hanging out of me today… She was only here for a semester last year, but we were pretty close at the beginning of that year. It was lovely to catch up with her a bit. My dorm is right next to a patch of forest, and as I was sitting in front of my door, waiting for the new students to put their stuff in their rooms, she appeared from between two trees. It was startling. Someone said something about her visiting around this time, but I had completely forgotten.

Things are looking up today.

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