Czech-in 5 – Week 22

August 15th. Tuesday!

Today today today today today! I left today!

My check-in went. Check-in 4 was super cool, but this one felt rushed. Even so, I told my dermatologist everything that was happening with me. I asked her about working out and she said it was fine. I asked her about the great red spot and she said it would go away. Which is what she said two months ago, and I’m skeptical about, but I’m not going to make a fuss of it at the moment. I’m currently sitting at 90mg/kg. I want to be between 120 and 150mg/kg. We’re planning on bumping up the dosage to 80mg/day. This will land me at around 130mg/kg, which is in the target remission zone. She said that she wanted me to go a month without breakouts. I’m not so confident that’s going to happen this coming month, but I can hope.

AHHHH. I left today. YESSS. I’m driving to Chicago to stay with some friends along the way. Tomorrow, I’ll be in uncharted territory. For me. Other people have charted the hell out of it.

I can not wait. I’ve been waiting for so long to leave and now it’s done. I’m on my way back to school.

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