Chunks – Week 20

July 26th. Wednesday

Since starting 80mg/day, my nose has been much bloodier than it’s ever been. I don’t get Bloody Noses. All the blood stays in my nose. This usually involves me having to dig it out in the shower so that I can go on breathing for the rest of the day. Every time I wipe my nose, there’s blood. Maybe it’s because I’m working in a factory and there’s a lot of dust floating around, but my nose has been feeling particularly clogged as of late. I have to make trips to the bathroom during work to clear it out and it hurts a lot of the time. The blood often dries and sticks to the inside of my nose. Altogether, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Work’s going. The novelty has definitely worn off and I’m in that comfortable, I-want-to-die place that most labor jobs land you in. I like the people at this job more than the ones in the other factory. Even so, I’m dying to be done. I only have two weeks left.

Check-in in 20 days.

The red spot is still there.

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