Check-in 3 – Week 17

June 11th. Tuesday

3rd check-in today. Three check-ins in well on five months. I’m special.

For some reason, I had it in my head that the dermatologist would tell me I was almost done. I feel almost done. But when she asked her nurse how many mg/kg I had, she said 66. Which means I’m just over HALF WAY. WHICH MAKES PERFECT SENSE BUT I THOUGHT I’D BE DONE BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED. The reason I started at spring break of last semester was that I thought treatment would take about six months, meaning that I’d be done before the 2017 fall semester. But no. Piss.

I also learned that 120mg/kg is the lower threshold… Which might mean that I have quite a ways to go yet. Which. I don’t even what to think about right now. She DID say that she might have me go up a dosage, which I am totally game for. That might make things faster. I’m at 66mg/kg. I’ve taken two months of 40mg/day (total of 2,400mg) and one of 60 (1,800). My total dosage (120mg x ~63kg) is 7560. I’m at 4,200mg/kg, and 4,200/7,560*120(to get get back to mg) is indeed 66mg. I’m being prescribed another 60mg/day (+1,800), which will land me at 95mg/kg

I’ve been wondering whether working out is actually healthy when you’re on Accutane. I know that check-ins exist to answer these sorts of questions, but I never remember to ask. Today, however, I did. I told her that I was working out and she said that was fine. The subject came up when she asked whether I had been feeling any soreness in my joints. Now that I think about it, I totally have. Beyond just recently, where most of my bodily pain can be attributed to work or working out, my knees/legs get suuuuuper sore when I’m sitting down. That never used to happen. Also a few other places besides.



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