Bed Head – Week 16

July 3rd. Monday

My third check-in was supposed to be this Wednesday, but I only remembered last week that I now have a job. Well, more directly that my shift time conflicts with the appointment time I scheduled back in May. The earliest I could reschedule was this coming Tuesday (eight days from today). My appointment was just a bit past my supply of medicine, so I’ve been rationing (down from 60mg to 30mg a day). I still have a few pills from the month before, but I ate one today, meaning I have two pills to get me to next Tuesday. For some reason, it hasn’t occurred to me that I can schedule my check-in closer to when I can pick up my next month of medication…

It’s fine. I’m fine. Accutane stays in your system for a while. Why am I really stressed out about this?

I have a new breakout when I work up this morning. Three angry lookin’ dudes on my forehead. I’m at the point in my course where I can write about specific breakouts and it actually means something. Before, I broke out too often for it to be noteworthy. Now, every one is its own special snowflake.

This one was intense though. I liked my forehead how it was. But it was altogether a pretty manageable incident.

I got really sick on Friday, all of a sudden. I inhaled a lot of spray paint at work and that made my throat feel all rough and gross. I thought it would go away when I got home, but I got a runny nose and some other cold symptoms by then. Saturday was the worst of it, and while I felt better on Sunday, I could tell that I definitely had a fever.

I remember when I used to get sick and stay in bed all day, or really anytime I would spend a lot of time with my face against anything, I’d break out where my face had extensively been exposed to that anything. Sometimes, a spot on my face would just be itchy and I’d keep touching/scratching it and it would turn into a pimple. Maybe that’s what the forehead breakout was about, but I don’t think so. I always sleep on my side and that part of my face rarely touched anything. What I’m trying to say is that, this time around, I don’t think my extensive pillow-to-kisser time had a huge impact on the clarity of my skin. Which is a nice change. 🙂


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