Crease – Week 15

June 25th. Sunday

I quit my job for a better job. I know I said I liked it, but I didn’t have anything better. Also, it continued to be stressful. My efficiency numbers didn’t stay so high for long. Makes me wonder how accurate they actually are… But I’m at a new job now. Pays slightly better. It’s just as far but involves more highway driving. I like it. But I liked the other job and quit, so we’ll see if I really like this one.

Those big bumps are still a thing. I’m hoping it’s more internal detox than it is a new and scary development. I couldn’t handle that. I now have one in my left thigh crease, between my leg and no-no-zone. It’s the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Every time I move my leg, it hurts. Every time.

My arms are suuuper dry. They look all peely and sting constantly. It sorta looks as if they have a rash, and I’m concerned that it is a rash. But I put moisturizer on it and it goes away, so it might also just be very dry. I first noticed it happening when I had been listing a box at work and my arms rubbed up against a lot of dusty cardboard. Who knows. If it keeps bothering me, I’ll ask about it.

The great red colored spot is still there. And I started working out again. I still don’t know if this is allowed or recommended.


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