Wearing – Week 13

June 9th. Friday

Family life is getting to be way too much for me. I haven’t left the house for anything I would even remotely consider to be enjoyable in over a week. I’m so cooped up and I have no one to talk to about what’s been on my mind. I think about running away on a daily basis. Not seriously, but I think about it. I’ve actually made a getaway plan if anything goes wrong. But I’m not going to leave because it’s just unpleasant.

I’ve started working in a factory. I applied at Walmart but this place pays better. I also get to drive around this cool elevator cart thing that takes me like 30 feet off the ground. It’s pretty cool. I’m a picker, which means I make custom orders by zooming around racks and racks of shelves, picking the exact number of product that a customer needs. It’s a really neat job.

I’m planning on getting a car to take back with me to school in the fall. I have to do something with the extra dough I’m making. Also, it makes fantasies about running away more plausible.

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