Back – Week 11

May 27th. Saturday

Second check-in last Thursday. I hit em hard with the tough questions. I was all like “yo spice dog, what’s this red/maroon lookin’ joint on my upper cheek about?” And she was like “that’s fineeeee, it’ll be gone soon.” And I was like “It’s been there for like 6 weeks.” And she was like “lol.” I’m not really sure what the hoedown is on that… I hope it goes away life she said but I’m honestly skeptical.

Also, my dosage was jacked up to 60mg/day. Fun stuff. I’m not as scared as I should be about this. My experience with Accutane has been bad but it’s about to get significantly worse.

Breakouts are on the down-low though. I’m used to having one every day or every other day. Now I’m at one every four or five days. Which is straight up measurable improvement. It’s huge to see that Accutane is making a difference. Definitively. This suffering is not for nothing. I’ve been afraid for a while that Accutane wasn’t going to work. Accutane is the last resort, and if it doesn’t work, I don’t know what else there is to try. But it has worked so far.

However, that means that I have another few months of this to slog through. Which is hardly any consolation.

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