Uprooting – Week 9

May 14th. Sunday

I low-key flipped out today. Today is the last day of campus housing. They’re kicking us all out. And by ‘they’ I sorta mean myself. As a representative of residential life.

Anyways, today is packing day. Today, I pack up the habits, routines, and the life I’ve created over the last four months into three suitcases and ship off home. More on that later. Back to the flipping out part. I enjoy packing. I enjoy organizing and planning and folding and putting and all parts of the process. However, hopped up as I am, having no time or ability to let off steam since spring break, I’m frantic. On the agenda for today is breakfast, graduation, some mix of packing and saying goodbye to friends, and then leaving by 4pm.

Graduation ends and I’m in the dining hall going through this weird emotional blitz of being stressed about the beginning of summer and internally sobbing, thinking about how I won’t see people again for three months. I keep oscillating between the two, like a socially/emotionally troubled tower fan. But I get through it and make it into the quagmire: My room. I’m not a messy person. I am a busy person though. My desk is usually a mess. Balled up socks sometimes miss my hamper and end up on the floor next to it. Little stuff like that. However, in preparation for summer, I began pulling up roots about a week ago. I have small piles of stuff strewn across the floor, awaiting different suitcases. My lights and lamps are all in one corner of the room, most of them belonging to the storage room in the basement. I have things that will go home with me, things for an imminent camping trip, and things that will stay at school with a friend. And trying to take it all in is not a good thing for me to do.

It was a mess, but thus far, it was a manageable mess. I might have made it out in as few as three pieces if I hadn’t tried to do it all at once. I would start working on one pile, sorting out the clothes that I was keeping in VT over the summer into a suitcase. But then I would encounter something that went in another pile and start working on that pile. Then I would remember something that was supposed to go in the storage room and work on that pile. Then I would take stuff from the storage room pile to the storage room, but when I got back to my room, I’d see three other things that were supposed to go to the storage room. I’d give up on the storage room and get back to the things that were staying in VT, and the cycle would repeat. I also had to make sure all the residents in my building got out of their rooms by 4pm. And that all the common spaces in our building were clean so that we didn’t get fined. I ended up just throwing things into their respective suitcases, hoping I didn’t leave anything I needed at home in VT.

I don’t know what this means. It just sucked. A lot. I don’t ever want to be in this kind of situation again.

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