Progress – Week 8

May 8th. Monday

I just realized something…  I was taken’ a sneaky peek at myself in the reflection in my laptop screen and I noticed something. Just sittin’ in the library hall, writing my essay, when all of a sudden, BOOM. Big observation. Huge. Much bigg.

My face isn’t oily anymore. No shine. Usually, by about 10am, I can put a fingernail to my nose and it comes away gleaming. It’s actually quite pretty, the fingernail. My face on the other hand, less so.

This is pretty big. This is working. This is great. !!!. I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed until now, but this is phenomenal. The actual number of breakouts hasn’t noticeably decreased but this is a huge start. I don’t really have words for how relieving it is to have some payoff for taking this blood pact demon drug death wish fulfillment program.

Maybe related, I’ve been really sore when sitting on the ground lately. My knees and legs hurt a lot. I can sit in one position (cross legged, kneeling, etc.) for a few minutes before it gets uncomfortable. Some of them start out uncomfortable. It’s a mess. I was playing with Legos the other day and it was agony.

School is coming to an end. The essay is done, which is a huge load off my shoulders. But housing closure is coming up and I’ll be home soon, so the stress hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m just not going to think about it right now.

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