Mangled – Week 6

April 20th. Thursday

I’m so tired. I’m working out, finals are right around the corner, I’m rubbish at relationships and this one is a royal mess, I’m trying to keep a balanced social life besides, and I’m getting like 6 hours of sleep. Econ class is a nightmare. I’m behind on the readings (intentionally) which means most of the stuff the professor is talking about in class goes right over my head. This makes staying awake in class even harder. But it’s not just Econ I’m struggling in. I’ve been having a really hard time wrapping my head around new concepts lately. I’ll try to focus on something but as often as not I’ll immediately forget about it.

I’m out of meds today. I took my last one at lunch yesterday. I’ve missed a day here or there before, but knowing that I’ll be off until my dermatologist sends more to Walgreens/whenever I can find time to pick them up is nervous-making. I should probably be back on track by Saturday or Sunday, but still. I’m worried. I felt better yesterday than I did today, and I’m trying to convince myself that medication has nothing to do with it, because basically just as much of the drug is in me right now, but I find myself a very hard person to convince.

I’ve also broken out a bit yesterday and today. Nothing major, nothing out of the ordinary. Just two lil white boys, one left of my forehead and one on my cheek.

Gah this is way too much right now.

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