Cetaphil – Week 5

April 18th. Tuesday

I’m turning into a big flake. I think my professors are noticing. And my friends.

I should be more specific. My chin is turning into a big flake. Or at least a lot of little ones. All of the skin under my lower lip is getting really dry and falling off. I can feel it, especially right after I take a shower. As the water on my face dries, my chin gets really tingly. I’ve been using Cetaphil moisturizer on it, and it does help, but only to cover it up. It just presses everything down, meaning that when I wash my chin the next morning, my chin is white again. It’s not an elegant solution, nor is thinking about the layer of dead skin that I’ve just replastered to my face, but it gets the job done for now.

Update on symptoms… I don’t know why it took so long to realize, but my hair texture is totally different. I used to use shampoo every other day out of necessity; my hair would get oily that fast. However, now I can easily go five or six days without and not notice anything. I still use shampoo every third or fourth day, but it’s more because I don’t like going too long without it. Having less oily hair is quite wonderful.

I’ve been working out since I got back to school. I have a buddy that goes to the gym every morning and I’ve always wanted to get more into shape, so I just decided to join him one week. It’s going well; being physically active (throwin’ some weights around) feels good and clears my head a bit throughout the day, but it’s also hurting my sleep schedule a bit. College is not without its engagements, and I was in the habit of getting to bed pretty late (12 or 1am). However, my friend wakes up at 6am to work out so I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier lately.

The first week of this was great, as most first weeks are for me; I felt like the health nut I never was. But I’ll see if this lasts.


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