Check-in 1 – Week 5

April 13th. Thursday

The check-in was frankly quite underwhelming. The fact that I have to talk to a specialist in person just to get another prescription, plus how hard it was to physically get to the clinic put a lot of pressure on this for me. I didn’t know I had to get bloodwork done before they prescribed me more Accutane. I don’t like getting blood drawn. A doctor poked me once when I had some kind of stomach bug and I threw up all over her.

I forgot to switch my iPledge physician to the dermatologist I was visiting in VT before this appointment, and I’m worried that it’s going to mess something in their system up. I rationed my pills to get me right up to today… I didn’t realize that it would obviously be a few extra days until I actually got my hands on the medicine, but my dermatologist said it was fine to miss a few days.

After filling out incoming paperwork and trying to switch my provider/getting locked out of my iPledge account on my phone, I sat down in the waiting room. She must have been quite busy because I had to wait 40 minutes before I was called in to see her. She was nice and not the type of doctor that would bullshit you, which I liked. But she didn’t have any bullshit to not tell me. I told her that I was doing fine (though I am doing less than fine), and she told me she could refill my prescription as soon as I went and did a blood test at the nearest hospital. I hoped she’d say something about progress, which in retrospect was a stupid hope because she had never seen me before. I had it in my head that there’s some sort of objective measure in gauging how your course is going. Needless to say, she didn’t comment on progress.

She did say that in many patients, the drug takes this first month to establish itself. It’s a good way for dermatologists to determine whether Accutane is going to be okay for you in the longer term. As I said earlier, I haven’t noticed any huge difference in my acne, so at this point, I don’t have much to work with. Which is feckin infuriating.

Bloodwork was annoying. Another wait. The nurse was nice. She did seem like the kind of medical professional that would bullshit you, but I made it out alive with my lunch still inside me and not on her. The sound of your own blood hitting the back of a little vial is really gross.

All in all, this seemed like a big hassle. Especially because of how much trouble it is to get around in VT.

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