Pre-Check – Week 4

April 9th. Sunday

My first dermatologist check-in is coming up. There hasn’t been any major improvement. My outlook on overall progress with Accutane is at a point where it depends on my mood. Sometimes, it seems as if there has been a noticeable improvement, whereas other times, often in the same day, I look just as I did weeks ago. This likely also is just the way of acne; it waxes and wanes.

I did some digging and found out how Accutane is meant to work. According to, the objective through a patient’s course of the medication is to hit a target dosage corresponding to the patient’s weight. Once I have consumed about 120mg/kg of body weight, I should be acne-free (obviously, this is also reflected by visual improvement). I weight about 140lbs (63.5 kg). Multiplied by the target dosage (7620mg through my course), since I’m taking 40mg daily, I can expect to be done in 190 days (7620/40).

I’ve usually heard that it takes 5 months, so this math is rather annoying. But all bodies are different, so there is still hope. Also, I have no idea whether 40mg/day is a high dose or not. I hope it is. I better be suffering for a reason.

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