Flaky – Week 4

April 5th. Wednesday

My eyebrows are like two little, reasonably attractive (like a solid 7.5) twin clouds raining down dead skin upon us all. Which is fun. What do I do about it?

No, I’m asking. I’ve tried rubbing them and that just kicks up more flakes. I’ve tried leaving them be and that’s eye-braux-pas. My strategy thus far has been to carefully pinch out the more visible flakes and glare meaningfully and resentfully and the smaller ones. They haven’t taken the hint.

I’m noticing how much mental strain this is adding to my life. Maybe just ‘experiencing’ is a better word at this point. One of my reference points is my Econ class. I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the professor to begin with, and I had fallen asleep in class a few times (which isn’t a great thing to do in a 7 person class) pre-ccutane. I don’t think Accutane was every going to make this better and it definitely feels like it’s gotten worse. I lose the thread of conversations in class mid-sentence. I’m not super passionate about economics but I do make it a point to try to understand the concepts at hand. Maybe just to keep my brain sharp. I’m having a very hard time doing that.

This week, we went to an economics conference for class. An ECONference. There were some pretty important-sounding people there, and that usually makes me perk up. Make it easier for me to convince myself that the subject matter at hand is important and that I shouldn’t write a seven-page mental review on the what the conference room carpet add to the interior decor of the joint. There were some World Bank execs (or if they weren’t, shame on them for talking like they were), some people who had done fieldwork in countries impacted by natural disasters. The short of it is that I fell asleep in the first speech. I’ve never done that before. I’ve sat through much more deeply uninteresting things than this. I drank two cups of coffee in before the next speech because I have reputations to maintain, but I ended up getting sleepy again by the time we were planning on leaving.


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