Signs – Week 2

March 23rd. Thursday

My lips are drying up! Glory be to god! True love is real! I’m not sure why I’m so bloody stoked that my lips are slowly becoming little narrow skin-deserts. But I am. I guess after nine days of this weird and passive-aggressive will-dance with Accutane, I’m ecstatic about any show of symptoms.

I read enough about the most common symptoms of Accutane to know that dry lips and flaky skin are nearly unavoidable. I sent up a pack of Carmex and Cetaphil moisturizer to where I am going to school because I know those will be necessary when I get back from spring break. However, I haven’t taken any precautions for the brief time I’m spending at home. The first few days of this are rough… I’m not used to having chapped lips, and believe it or not, it hurts. 

And while I am happy that something has happened… I’m still frustrated that nothing has changed on mah face. Like, I know the treatment lasts six months and I know that most medications take six weeks just to get into your system, even. But. I’m just so ready for all of this to be over. Gah.

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