Accutane Journal

Taking Accutane is a huge decision to make. With countless ugly symptoms and nasty cases, it should not be undertaken lightly. I was on Accutane for over 7 months and kept a weekly journal recording my experiences while on it. If you’re considering trying Accutane, I hope these records can be of use to you. Be sure to consult your doctor before deciding to take any medication.

I finished my course of Accutane in late-October of 2017. However, I’ve kept posting updates to monitor breakouts I’m getting after coming off medication and some mental changes in myself.

If you’d like to get a taste of what being on Accutane is like, I have a series of posts with summaries of what each month was like and the progress I made here.

If you’re currently on Accutane or would like a more detailed account of my experience, I have a weekly format of the journal that is much truer to the day to day experience of being on Accutane here.